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Вакансия № 6062476 на сайте Электронная Служба занятости населения от компании "Eltoma Corporate Services Ltd." на должность "Compliance Supervisor" в отрасли экономики "Юристы" → "Compliance"

Compliance Supervisor

Прямой работодатель "Eltoma Corporate Services Ltd." ищет работника на вакантное место в своей организации на должность "Compliance Supervisor".

Обязательное требование работодателя к опыту работы искомого сотрудника: 3–6 лет.

Тип занятости на вакантном месте работы "Compliance Supervisor" в компании (фирме, организации, ИП) "Eltoma Corporate Services Ltd.": Полная занятость, полный день.

Вакансия № 6062476 на должность "Compliance Supervisor" относится к отрасли деятельности "Юристы" → "Compliance".

Вакансия № 6062476 на должность "Compliance Supervisor" добавлена в базу данных сайта о работе и трудоустройстве Электронная Служба занятости населения в Пятница, 28 июня 2019 года и после публикации модератором веб-портала для соискателей работы доступна для просмотра всем зарегистрированным безработным.

Дата обновления анкеты вакансии № 6062476 на должность "Compliance Supervisor" на сайте Электронной Службы занятости населения: Среда, 17 июля 2019 год.

Компанией (организацией, фирмой, ИП) "Eltoma Corporate Services Ltd." предлагается работа в городе Москва.

Вакантное место работы в компании "Eltoma Corporate Services Ltd." находится по адресу: Москва, Киевская, Киевская, Киевская, Бережковская набережная, 6.

Работодатель "Eltoma Corporate Services Ltd." предложит заработную плату по результатам собеседования с соискателем работы.

Professional and Personal Opportunities:

  • Being a part of an international team of professionals.
  • A compensation package will consist of a fixed element and a sales commission.
  • ECS corporate culture encourages continuous professional and personal development. In-house training is regularly provided on international taxation, corporate law, international trust and funds, etc.
  • Professional staff is encouraged to enroll in professional qualifications. ECS runs a professional qualification sponsorship program.
  • Fast professional and career development opportunities based on personal qualities, commitments and contribution.

Training provided:

  • In-house training will be provided on the relevant Company legislation and regulations applicable in Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, etc.
  • ECS professional employees are encouraged to complete professional qualification with a UK based Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) under the ECS professional education sponsorship programme.


  • Responsible for the group of Compliance Juniors to assist with the following:
    • Setting up working procedures and processes to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the Compliance Operation
    • Ensure weekly Workflow Reviews with each reporting staff member.
    • Work Flow reviews shall be aimed towards:
      • Revision of SPS jobs update overall.
      • Revision and monitoring of the jobs’ progress.
      • Spot any weak points/assistance requirements and assist to arrange relevant support & training with the Manager
      • Assist to manage with reallocation of workload where necessary.
      • Report progress and weak points/problems to the Manager
      • Assist to organize trainings where required
    • Take responsibility for approving and managing Annual Leave of staff, sick leaves ensuring that relevant documents and HR system entries are submitted, auto-replies are set and Handovers are complete in full and on time
    • Monitor and Control completion of SPS data and SPS timesheets, all central Compliance Function databases and regular review Chargeable vs Non-Chargeable time of subordinates.
    • Assist to resolve issues when they arise with the clients by active conflict management skills implementation.
  • Assist Compliance Officers in Singapore, Cyprus, Hong Kong and UK:
    • In addition to existing job description under Compliance Legal Services, the following is required:
      • Complete MOKAS (Cyprus), ACRA (Singapore), etc. reporting, upon the MLCO approval.
      • Drafting new procedures, templates and checklists, linked to new amendments to existing law/new law.
      • Work closely with the MLCO in forming, implementing and managing the external clients compliance unit accordingly.
  • Compliance AML/CTF/KYC:
    • To action compliance KYC reviews and follow up on a timely basis in order to ensure timely completion.
    • To ensure that the required compliance reviews are conducted within the set timescales per the AML Directive requirements.
    • Responsible for the timely completion of all required CySEC, ACRA, etc. reports to ensure compliant.
    • To monitor and remain up to date with CySEC, ACRA, etc. announcements /circulars and new law requirements, ensuring compliant.
    • Review Level One Junior MLCO cases and present final case for review by MLCO – Cyprus Office.
    • Make recommendations when to reduce 100% review of Level One Junior MLCO and gain agreement from MLCO.
    • Monitor CySEC, ACRA, etc. website for all circulars, announcements and flag to MLCO when occurring for review/discussion and agreed next steps. Said next steps to be presented to MLCO for review at initial flag.
    • Maintaining client database linked to AML requirements.
    • To support delivery of the internal AML Annual trainings.
    • Responsible to deliver AML webinars to third parties.
    • Ensure that AML and FATCA compliance is adhered to at all times, utilising ECS company policies and procedures.
  • Maintaining Sage Practice Solution
    • Protects organisation's value by keeping information confidential and job records in Sage Practice
    • Solution timely, completely and accurately.
    • Keeping timely, accurate and complete timesheet records in Sage Practice Solution.
  • Legal Consultancy Service:
    • Assistance with drafting and review of legal documents and reports, checklists and other documents.
    • Ensure compliance with internal processes and policies including Due Diligence and Compliance reviews.
    • Cooperation with overseas offices of ECS to ensure delivery of international projects.
    • Ensure services deliverables and execution of tasks within defined timelines.
  • Company Law Compliance
    • Ensuring compliance with a Company Law in Singapore, Hong Kong, Cyprus, UK, etc. A relevant training will be provided
      • AGM prepared filed
    • Managing forced strike off procedure

Requirements and person specification:

  • University or college degree. Degree in Law will be considered as an advantage.
  • 5 years of experience in similar role an advantage.
  • Understanding of international AML/CFT/FATCA framework and requirements.
  • Understanding of a Company Law in Common Law jurisdictions (detailed training will be provided accordingly)
  • Fluency in English and Russian, additional languages would be considered an advantage.
  • Strong personal qualities, such as ambitious, determined to develop professional career and willingness to go an extra mile to achieve it, multitask, ability to prioritise, adaptability, open minded, have the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, basic managerial skills, be a quick learner, and team player.


  • A shortlist of candidates will be required to complete an assignment during the final interview to assess competency in English.
  • The successful candidate will receive a competitive salary according to experience and qualifications.
  • All candidates are encouraged to register on www.eltoma-recruitment.com in order to receive regular updates on vacancies available at Eltoma Corporate Services and its clients.
  • Please clearly state your gross salary expectation.
  • All applications will be treated with strict confidentiality.

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